My research interests lie in the development and the use of numerical methods for the study of multiphysics processes in various geodynamic systems.

My Ph.D. project consisted in developing a new method to study the coupled dynamics of a viscous fluid and a viscoelastic solid in order to model the lithosphere/asthenosphere mechanical interaction in subduction zones. Using the novel approach, I investigated the relations between complex deformations of the subducting slab near the mantle transition zone and the overriding plate deformation.

As a Postdoc at University of Minnesota, I studied the physical controls on fluid flow pathways in the mantle wedge of subduction zones. For the project, I developed models of fluid migration by porous flow in viscously deformable media accounting for the effects of a spatially variable mineral grain size.

I have started a new postdoc position at University of Oxford (FoaLab group) where I will be investigating the relationship between sea-level changes, mantle/magma dynamics and volatiles degassing at mid-ocean ridges.




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